Photograph © Nic Barlow

Photograph © Nic Barlow

Lucinda Douglas-Menzies b. 1956
Lucinda Douglas-Menzies started her training as assistant to architectural photographer Jeremy Whitaker, and to Sydney Harris, press and public relations photographer. She then worked at Sotheby’s for five years as a catalogue photographer to the Chinese porcelain, silver and jewellery departments. In 1986 Douglas-Menzies opened her own studio, specializing in both fine art photography and portraiture and exhibited her first solo exhibition of portraits Luminaries in 1989. She has since worked on and exhibited themed groups of portraits notably Portraits of Astronomers (2009) and Portraits of South Asian Writers (2015).

The National Portrait Gallery has 76 portraits in their collection. View them here.

Recent commissions are for The Barakat Gallery (paintings, metalwork, weapons), Virginia White (furniture and fabric), Royal Society of Literature (portraits), Cleave and Company (medals and pens), Romilly Saumarez-Smith (jewellery) . She is a contributing photographer for Spitalfields Life.

Solo exhibitions

1989 Luminaries Stephen Bartley Gallery, London

1990 East Anglian Luminaries The Minories Art Gallery, Colchester, Essex

2002 Portraits The Golden Heart pub, Spitalfields, London

2004 Portraits The Golden Heart pub, Spitalfields, London

2009 Portraits of Astronomers, The Royal Astronomical Society and touring exhibition. Display and talk at the National Portrait Gallery

2015 Portraits of South Asian Writers, 6 Puma Court, Spitalfields, London - Read an article by Liz Rideal here

Group exhibitions

2005 Portraits Cobbold and Judd, Hintlesham Hall, Suffolk

2012 Portraits, Cobbold and Judd, Hintlesham Hall, Suffolk

27 Nov- 6 Dec 2013 Portraits Four Corners, London

18 June - 27 June 2018 GX Gallery, London


Science Museum, National Portrait Gallery, V & A, Minories Art Gallery, Emilio Segre Visual Archives, Armagh Observatory, Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Notable sitters

Isaiah Berlin, Karl Popper, Patrick Moore, Amartya Sen